Civil and family mediation

Diversity Law is home to several attorneys who are also experienced mediators, offering an effective way to resolve disputes without the need to go to court.

We offer a full range of alternative dispute resolution services including:

• Mediation services.
• Independent investigation.
• Neutrality.
• Conflict resolution.

Mediation services

·Our expert mediators act as an independent party whose primary role is to help all parties involved in a dispute reach agreements that resolve that dispute..

Mediation works. It is a flexible process that can be adapted to navigate the complexities of a dispute involving multiple parties with widely divergent interests and to safeguard constructive future relationships between those involved. Importantly, mediation gives participants access to a wide range of outcomes that are not available in litigation. Practical resolution by mediation can provide tangible results that are not constrained by private or public law "remedy" principles.

Generally, all a court will do is order one party to pay money to the other and / or determine legal rights and duties. In mediation, because the parties reach an agreement of their own, other things may be considered to address the unique needs of the parties.

Confidentiality and building trust are the cornerstones of the mediation practice. Our highly trained mediators encourage dispute resolution by allowing people in conflict to frankly discuss the issues they face, knowing that what they say in mediation is confidential and "non-judgmental" (nothing said in mediation is admissible as evidence). in legal proceedings).

Independent investigation

Independent research involves an unbiased party to facilitate relationships, discussions, consensus building, problem solving or relationship building, or for handling responses. Usually this could involve employees. Take the matter forward.

We will agree the scope of the work directly with you and ensuring that all information is necessary in order to conduct a proper investigation. At the end of the investigation, you will be provided with a full report of the findings orally or in writing (as agreed in advance) along with a recommended "roadmap" for ongoing administration and likely resolution. This is automatically provided with detailed verbal feedback.

Work with the parties to conduct an independent investigation process designed to meet their specific needs. Our ethics carry a commitment to open dialogue, where intervention allows issues to be heard and raised, and next steps can be seen or a framework for future action developed..

Impartiality and neutrality

Fairness and neutrality in internal dispute resolution mechanisms has many benefits:

• Build and foster trust in the process.
• Encourage participants to participate openly and transparently.
• It guarantees impartiality and independence in decision-making.
• It ensures confidence in the results, which is a crucial factor for ongoing relationships.

As mediators, we are well positioned to leverage our specialized experience as attorneys to help participants update existing internal processes and promote and adopt best practices.

The awards made in our office are comparable at the judicial level.